Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a fully integrated educational program for all students that attend Ivy League Academy.

Our programs are designed to foster the child’s academic, social and emotional growth as well as their physical and mental development.

Ivy League Academy is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment to insure maximum educational opportunities.


The Ivy League family is articulated with members who care for children and families.

More than a simple class, the work of Ivy League Academy teachers is a work of art with life messages and a mission for your children.

We are dynamic, motivated and motivating, professional, creative, flexible and fun…. And most of all, we respect you and will always be available to you.

Welcome to
Ivy League Academy
Fleming Island


Ivy League Academy’s program is based on the Active Learning Series, the Links to Literacy Program and Ivy Leagues own Differentiated Instruction Curriculum. With just the right amount of each curriculum we are able to offer each child the best educational experience possible.

Our teachers at Ivy League Academy nurture children’s hearts & minds. Woven in a rich environment of colors and designs, great stories are read in circle times amusing, educating and inspiring children to learn.

When individual activities take place, children use specially selected educational materials to learn phonics and counting concepts by using the senses and not just by memory.

Group activities are also enjoyable. Teachers select projects for each week in which education is based on relationships. Project experiences intertwine visual arts with timeless arts of music, poetry and drama. These experiences will ignite desire in children to learn by contact with real life objects and materials.